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Improve your event planning website with a blog. A blog is a promotional tool that
educates and informs your audience about your business. It attracts potential clients, too.

Here are the top five reasons why you should start a blog:

#1- You build an online presence
Create a buzz in the social media and online world. The more visible you are, the more
advantageous for your business. By creating interesting and informative contents, your
followers will be looking forward to reading more. Use keywords to drive more traffic to
your website. Usually, informative blogs attract more readers. Post articles that answer the
common questions of the readers.

#2- It boosts your credibility
Sharing your valuable knowledge and suggesting solutions to common problems that
people encounter when planning their events build up your reputation.
As events production company philippines, it shows your expertise and creativity.
As you educate your readers about the pros and cons of hiring event planners, you are
helping them consider hiring you one. Chances are, you will be the best choice.

#3- It enhances your professional image
When you blog, you let your readers inside your world. You allow them to get a glimpse of
your personality and character. Your blog significantly enhances your image.

Your virtual connection with your audience sets you apart from other event planners. So,
sell yourself. Share your personality to make others trust your event planning expertise.
Be real and express your uniqueness through your blog.

#4- It features your passion
Your blog shows how much you enjoy the job as an event planner. Showcase your ingenuity
and creativity through every article you write. Write a blog that reflects your passion to
create exceptional events. Show your best works in your blogs. Add images or videos.

#5- It increases the potential of getting more clients
When readers find your blogs valuable, it increases the potential of turning them into
clients. One effective way to make readers respond positively is to provide incentives or
discounts if they book their events in advance. Blogs also generate passive revenue through
Google ads or pay per click.

So, are you ready to write your first blog? Do it now and promote your own event
planning business.


A business offering venue for a corporate party and social events is a good venture is you
have a perfect place to offer plus of course capital to spruce up space. Venue business is a
lucrative venture if you know how to market it in the competitive market.

Here are some tips that every successful venue business owners follow to get through the
challenges during the initial stage:

Find an ideal location.
Location is essential. Find an accessible place near your target customers. You can save a
lot of money if you have a property that you can turn into a space for business. Buying a
property like a house with a large backyard with walls is also a great option. You can start a
cafe or a restaurant and offer big areas for functions.

Use a simple yet attractive interior design.
For a corporate party or activities, CEOs prefer to rent out a minimalist modern space that
they can add in their themed decors. Water elements like a private swimming pool or
fountain in the backyard is perfect for outdoor events. Different sizes of function areas that
can be transformed into a dancing floor for celebratory parties are also best for business.

Make it operational
Be ready as soon as you open your business in the public. Hire staff, stock foods/drinks,
and connect with other entrepreneurs who can help you grow your business. One way to
promote your venue business is to collaborate with other businesses.

Promote your business
As a new venue business, you need to create awareness to reach out to your target clients.
You can use traditional media outlets like radio, television, newspapers, and magazines.
Promote your business using the Internet, too. Create a website and post photos, articles,
advertisements, or promos of your business. Use social media like Instagram, Twitter, and
Facebook to market your new venture.

Secure permits and licenses
Make it legal by getting licenses and permits. As an owner, you also need to follow the laws
of the community where you are located which include the prohibition of selling alcohol to
minors and noise disturbances.

Make your place ideal for all kinds of events like corporate party, receptions, musical
performances, or meeting and you are on your way to the top.


It strikes during the most unexpected moment- the writer’s block. It is that sudden mental
paralysis that prevents from filling up the Word doc or a sheet of paper with relevant SEO
the context that would rank your content high in search rankings.

Here are some tips to break SEO writer’s block and get your inspiration back on time:

Utilize search queries
The keyword research is the basic SEO tool that can help you when you are not sure what
topic to write. It reflects the information that people search while looking for products or
services they need. Use your target keyword phrase then find out the related phrases that
come up. Best to use the long-tail keywords that can help you create a relevant and natural
context of your content.

Search Google
Use competitors’ content as inspiration and model to create good articles that rank well in
the search engines. Do not plagiarize because aside from being illegal, when the search
engines detect it, your rankings would crumble down.

Use your customers’ words
Check the reviews of customers about your products or the way they describe them in
blogs or social media platforms. Pay attention to the words or phrases they use and what
attributes of your products they like best. Write using the language that your customers are
using when they talk about your brand to enhance your SEO ranking.

Provide a solution
Capitalize on the needs of your target customer and create content or product that solves it.
Consumers based their decision to buy not just with the aesthetic value of the product or
content but with the benefits it brings.

Utilize an SEO content editor
Use tools that could help you track down the optimal keyword usage and length of your
content. These tools analyze the top-ranking pages based on certain URL or keyword and
extract the relevant contextual content that helps them to rank high. As you write your
content, they track how close you are to the criteria.

Use a thought starter
The auto content generator can help you find a relevant statement to create unique
content. However, remember to rewrite it to make an impact.

And when everything fails, the simplest way is to type or write something. One simple
the sentence will be a good start to create great content with the right SEO keywords.


The modern digital technology has evolved the customer service system. Chatbots and
other electronic recordings replaced the traditional person-to-person interactions.
However, when customers start to demand personal touch to resolve their concerns,
different industries combine human and digital strategies. Combining the two
methodologies enhances the satisfaction of customers, ensuring their brand patronage and

Therefore, here are some tips for optimizing the customer service:

Avoid total digitized methods
You can utilize digital responders or chatbots to answer simple queries. For more complex
issues and concerns, provide an option for the customer to talk to someone and answer his

Have a CRM software to help the agent identifies the customer
It is necessary for the customer service representative to know the customer’s history in
the company. The agent should know the background of the person calling him/her to
provide a more personalized service. It would build a more positive and trusting
relationship between the company and the customer.

Create a competent and caring team
Hiring a third-party provider to take care of the customers’ concerns is good. But many call
centers are focused on speed instead of quality discussion. It is better to hire new staff or
train your most friendly and competent employees to provide customer support.

Resolve the customer’s concern immediately
Focus on addressing the customer’s call with the first contact point. It is frustrating for
customers to be transferred from one staff to another. It shows lousy service. It is

necessary to pick the most dedicated, empowered, and trained staff who can provide
answers or resolve the problem at first call.

Surpass the expectations of your customers
Extraordinary customer service and after-sale support will make your customers happy
to buy your products or services again and again. Surprise them with promos, discounts,
and other privileges.

Yes, the world of commerce and business is full of the latest modern technology, but
customers still want human intervention when it comes to customer service.


Language barriers can make or break your business. To ensure excellent customer
satisfaction, hire bilingual technical support staff that can do many things for you.
Here are some of the ways a bilingual customer service representative can help you:

Provide personalized service
If you want fast business growth, be sure to cater to the needs of your clients when they
inquire or complain about their concerns. The bilingual customer service personnel can
provide seamless communication to understand their problems.

Tap new customers
You can easily expand your clients' base by reaching out to target customers. Your
technical support staff can promote your business to new customers and make them feel
welcome. They can clearly discuss the benefits and features of your products without
difficulty and answer all the questions.

Keep current customers
By handling your customers’ issues promptly and efficiently, you are making them loyal to
your business. People dislike making repeat calls and waiting for answers. When your
receptionists find it difficult to answer the basic questions about your products or services
due to language constraints, you will lose the potential sale.

Advertise your business through word-of-mouth
Satisfied customers always spread the good news, in particular how you treat them when
they ask something about the product or how you instantly address their concerns. They
talk about their personal experience on their social media accounts. They even recommend
you to family and friends.

Expand business to foreign markets
Communication is a vital key to establish your business in foreign soils. It would be easier
for you to expand in other countries because you have a staff that could help you cater to
your new market.

If you want continuous growth for your business, do not disregard the need to please your
current and potential clients. Hire a bilingual technical support people to help you achieve
your business goals.


In online advertising, posting to several Facebook groups for your products will only drive
away potential customers. Bombarding people with salesy posts everyday is not a good

There are other professional ways to introduce and market your products, through PPC or
pay-per-click advertising. However, before you conduct this type of advertising and
promotion, you have to identify which of the elements are appropriate.

Here are the elements of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

1. Ad Group

This group of ads contains particular products you would like to promote. For instance,
your business is more on selling shoes for women; you can run an advertisement about
high-heels shoes while the other ad can be flat shoes. You can conduct an ad group through
text or images.

2. Keywords

As part of your PPC advertising campaign, you should associate specific keywords for your
ad group. Let’s say “affordable shoes” or “shoe sale.” Using keywords for your ad group may
vary upon the target market you are aiming, what is the age bracket you would like to
attract for your campaign. You need to find the appropriate keyword to associate to the ad
group, when netizens search for keyword, your ads will appear in search engines.

3. Ad Text

In this part of PPC advertising campaign, you should have a copywriter that will work on
text creativity. If you really want to get quality leads for your business, you have to invest in
hiring a wordsmith who knows how to get the attention of your target customers through
keywords without sounding like hard selling.

4. Landing Page

PPC advertising campaign will not be useful if you do not have a landing page, where
customers can see all the special or seasonal products you promote. You need to create a
landing page, so when people click either your ad group or text advertisement, they will be
redirected to a page where they can choose from your products. It’s better to have a
specific landing page for your ads and special products, instead of a plain product page.
PPC advertising campaign is broad, but knowing these essential elements will drive you
more site traffic and quality leads.