The modern digital technology has evolved the customer service system. Chatbots and
other electronic recordings replaced the traditional person-to-person interactions.
However, when customers start to demand personal touch to resolve their concerns,
different industries combine human and digital strategies. Combining the two
methodologies enhances the satisfaction of customers, ensuring their brand patronage and

Therefore, here are some tips for optimizing the customer service:

Avoid total digitized methods
You can utilize digital responders or chatbots to answer simple queries. For more complex
issues and concerns, provide an option for the customer to talk to someone and answer his

Have a CRM software to help the agent identifies the customer
It is necessary for the customer service representative to know the customer’s history in
the company. The agent should know the background of the person calling him/her to
provide a more personalized service. It would build a more positive and trusting
relationship between the company and the customer.

Create a competent and caring team
Hiring a third-party provider to take care of the customers’ concerns is good. But many call
centers are focused on speed instead of quality discussion. It is better to hire new staff or
train your most friendly and competent employees to provide customer support.

Resolve the customer’s concern immediately
Focus on addressing the customer’s call with the first contact point. It is frustrating for
customers to be transferred from one staff to another. It shows lousy service. It is

necessary to pick the most dedicated, empowered, and trained staff who can provide
answers or resolve the problem at first call.

Surpass the expectations of your customers
Extraordinary customer service and after-sale support will make your customers happy
to buy your products or services again and again. Surprise them with promos, discounts,
and other privileges.

Yes, the world of commerce and business is full of the latest modern technology, but
customers still want human intervention when it comes to customer service.