In online advertising, posting to several Facebook groups for your products will only drive
away potential customers. Bombarding people with salesy posts everyday is not a good

There are other professional ways to introduce and market your products, through PPC or
pay-per-click advertising. However, before you conduct this type of advertising and
promotion, you have to identify which of the elements are appropriate.

Here are the elements of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

1. Ad Group

This group of ads contains particular products you would like to promote. For instance,
your business is more on selling shoes for women; you can run an advertisement about
high-heels shoes while the other ad can be flat shoes. You can conduct an ad group through
text or images.

2. Keywords

As part of your PPC advertising campaign, you should associate specific keywords for your
ad group. Let’s say “affordable shoes” or “shoe sale.” Using keywords for your ad group may
vary upon the target market you are aiming, what is the age bracket you would like to
attract for your campaign. You need to find the appropriate keyword to associate to the ad
group, when netizens search for keyword, your ads will appear in search engines.

3. Ad Text

In this part of PPC advertising campaign, you should have a copywriter that will work on
text creativity. If you really want to get quality leads for your business, you have to invest in
hiring a wordsmith who knows how to get the attention of your target customers through
keywords without sounding like hard selling.

4. Landing Page

PPC advertising campaign will not be useful if you do not have a landing page, where
customers can see all the special or seasonal products you promote. You need to create a
landing page, so when people click either your ad group or text advertisement, they will be
redirected to a page where they can choose from your products. It’s better to have a
specific landing page for your ads and special products, instead of a plain product page.
PPC advertising campaign is broad, but knowing these essential elements will drive you
more site traffic and quality leads.