It strikes during the most unexpected moment- the writer’s block. It is that sudden mental
paralysis that prevents from filling up the Word doc or a sheet of paper with relevant SEO
the context that would rank your content high in search rankings.

Here are some tips to break SEO writer’s block and get your inspiration back on time:

Utilize search queries
The keyword research is the basic SEO tool that can help you when you are not sure what
topic to write. It reflects the information that people search while looking for products or
services they need. Use your target keyword phrase then find out the related phrases that
come up. Best to use the long-tail keywords that can help you create a relevant and natural
context of your content.

Search Google
Use competitors’ content as inspiration and model to create good articles that rank well in
the search engines. Do not plagiarize because aside from being illegal, when the search
engines detect it, your rankings would crumble down.

Use your customers’ words
Check the reviews of customers about your products or the way they describe them in
blogs or social media platforms. Pay attention to the words or phrases they use and what
attributes of your products they like best. Write using the language that your customers are
using when they talk about your brand to enhance your SEO ranking.

Provide a solution
Capitalize on the needs of your target customer and create content or product that solves it.
Consumers based their decision to buy not just with the aesthetic value of the product or
content but with the benefits it brings.

Utilize an SEO content editor
Use tools that could help you track down the optimal keyword usage and length of your
content. These tools analyze the top-ranking pages based on certain URL or keyword and
extract the relevant contextual content that helps them to rank high. As you write your
content, they track how close you are to the criteria.

Use a thought starter
The auto content generator can help you find a relevant statement to create unique
content. However, remember to rewrite it to make an impact.

And when everything fails, the simplest way is to type or write something. One simple
the sentence will be a good start to create great content with the right SEO keywords.